How to looksmax? (In more than 17 amazing tips)

How to looksmax and how to transform my look ? Check out this complete looksmaxing guide! Here, we will focus on the sexual attractiveness related to look for a man.

The goal of this article is not to remodel you in an unrealistic way in Brad Pitt, Francisco Lachowski or other male models and famous sex symbols. It is simply about optimizing your physical appearance through relevant tips and the most natural and healthy approach possible.

Feel better about yourself as a man and be more successful with women and in your life, without being broke because of plastic surgery.

Let’s see what this looksmaxing guide and self-improvement is about now in order to know how to looksmax properly.

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Looksmaxing meaning


The meaning of looksmaxing (or sometimes « looksmaxxing ») is quite simple. It is the use of techniques that allow an individual to increase sex appeal by improving physical appearance.

This term has been popularized by the Incel internet community, the « involuntary single men » who sometimes look for ways to be more sexually successful. They are particularly active on the web and can easily be found randomly in some forum like in a Reddit thread on the subject.

They believe that the Chad stereotype (typically a good-looking jock) embodies the type of men women prefer, even to the point of caricature like Gigachad. According to them, it is a « redpill » – a sometimes brutal truth. The bluepill (for naive ones) would be that only personality matters in love and sex, although things are obviously more complicated than that.

They are not completely wrong, since it’s widely proven that women on average prefer some physical features. Let’s go deeper.

What do women like in men?


If we put aside assertive personality traits, a high social intelligence and certain professions such as doctor, women generally prefer recurrent physical qualities on which we will concentrate.

As some pick up artists used to say in the past : attraction is not a choice. It is mainly a subconscious archaic reflex, a programming. When it comes to pure sexual attraction, women are likely to prefer a certain idea of male look, almost universal in anthropology:

  • A V-shaped torso, almost like a superhero.
  • Broad shoulders
  • Taller than they are, generally height of 6 feet or slightly above is highly appreciated in Western countries
  • High facial symmetry and sexual dimorphism (especially true when a woman is in the fertile phase)
  • No visible alopecia
  • No daddy belly, of course a 6-pack abs is even more liked
  • Men not too young but not too old. Quite mature but still good looking is the best, peak possibily being at 35 years old to seduce both young adults women and more mature ones.

To have a clear idea, we can join this to the concept, sometimes over-interprated of alpha male. A physically and socially dominant man who knows how to impose himself, but that remains well-groomed without excess. For instance, « tall, dark and handsome » is a common stereotype in pop culture.

The theory of halo effect

It’s easier for attractive men to have more friends and access to sex with gorgeous women. Why? Because it’s proven that handsome guys seem smarter and nicer than average ones, thanks to a psychological bias called halo effect. The opposite may lead to a kind of discrimination called lookism.

It is therefore necessary to accumulate the qualities mentioned to the maximum as you cannot change genetics. in order to do so, let’s see what we can do for aesthetics purpose. And this starts by naturally increasing your testosterone level.

How to boost testosterone naturally?


Testosterone is the key hormone that separates boys and men. It helps masculine development a lot during puberty. However, in the US, the normal level has dropped in 20 years, which can lead to less libido and a less masculine, even more feminine appearance.

The endogenous production of testosterone also tends to decrease naturally with age.

Fortunately, there are methods to boost your own testosterone in a physiological way. We won’t talk about anabolic steroids because of the potential harmful side effects and will stick to our healthy and natural approach.

Also note that some of these tips potentially boost growth hormone, important to still look young after 30.


Include these foods in your diet as much as possible. Amounts depend on your height, weight and activity level.

  • Broccoli
  • Organic eggs
  • Meat from grass-fed animals
  • Fish, especially fatty fish
  • Almonds moistened 24 hours (wash well afterwards)
  • Walnuts (same principle)
  • Brazil nuts (same principle)
  • Duck or goose fat
  • Garlic but don’t abuse
  • Onion
  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Kiwis
  • Fenugreek
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Raw extra virgin olive oil
  • Seafood, especially oysters
  • Semi-complete cereals, especially oatmeal
  • Avocado
  • Dark chocolate, at least 80% cocoa

Nutritional supplements

  • ZMA
  • Maca
  • Tribulus terrestris

Things to avoid

  • Tap water (or you can filter)
  • Alcohol in excess (a glass of organic red wine 2-3 times per week is allowed)
  • Sweets, industrial cakes and soda
  • Soy
  • Excessive ejaculation (twice a week is ok)
  • You will also avoid major sources of stress as much as possible if they have too much impact on yourself


Take natural sunlight 30 minutes a day, a bit more even during winter.


7:30 a night in one sitting, get up and go to bed at set times. Do not go back to sleep.

Physical activity

Workout (especially polyarticular exercises) and sprints every 2 days, intensive sessions of less than 1 hour, especially for those who have little free time. Make your body shape look more masculine, without being a freak.


Regular meditation to lower cortisol. Indeed, in excess, this stress hormone lowers testosterone and GH.

Notice that those advices will also help you to get harder erections. Great for your sexual life!

Does height matter in dating?


Of course, it is better to be of average height and have a beautiful face, emotionally and intellectually smart, rich, etc. than to be a tall but stupid awkward man, also poor and fat.

However, the advantages of looking taller may be relevant to you because women tend to despise shortness in guys. Discrimination against short men is called heightism and to overcome it, you need to have a very high social status.

Fortunately, we have written a whole helpful article about being taller. Read it now! However, don’t expect to grow much after puberty, except from a painful surgery called limb lengthening.

How to improve the face?


Don’t torture yourself and don’t start weird things like to measure midface, gonial angle or ES ratio (eyes separation) but be aware that potential discrimination by lookism comes a lot from the face, if the facial features are deemed unattractive.

You should therefore focus on your grooming and skin quality to glow up. In order to limit the aging process, you can start taking collagen peptides from the age of 25. A regular clay mask and dry brushing of the skin will also help you look fresher. The foods mentioned above should nourish your cells well, but you may want to consider taking a B vitamin complex supplement. Try to avoid smoking.

The jawline is a widely discussed topic among Incels. It’s true that a square jaw like Tom Cruise and a strong chin make you look more masculine. Lose fat if you’re overweight and consider growing a beard if your jaw is too narrow. Mewing, bonesmashing, and other fancy things won’t help. We don’t want to hear about jaw surgery unless your case is extreme and please, forget about how to mew.

You don’t have hunter eyes, but rather droopy eyes? Don’t panic. Maybe it’s time to style up and get yourself some design glasses as a smart way to improve the eye area.

You have bad teeth? Orthodontics and whitening kit are for you.

Do we need to mention that hair coming out of your nose and facial hair between your eyebrows should be removed?

Buy collagen peptides on Amazon here and improve your skin now. Rated 4,5/5 for more than 29000 reviews!


Fighting Alopecia


Hair loss makes you look more mature, that’s for sure, but women don’t really like it (although grey hair can be appreciated). The good news is that they sometimes tolerate a bald man of high social status, and we know many famous actors without hair: Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, etc.

If your Norwood scale is too high and you don’t want a shaved head, you can consider a minoxidil treatment or even a hair transplant with a good specialist, we concede.

Don’t make male pattern hair loss a tragedy, there are effective ways today.

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Have a good look

Style matters and communicates a lot about your social status in society. A blazer can change a man, while a hoodie worn every day can make you look like a perennial teenager. Women want MEN.

Here are some rules to follow:

  • Don’t wear clothes that are too short or too long/wide
  • Don’t wear more than 3 dominant colors. Prefer decade basics to super trendy things that will quickly become outdated and ridiculous
  • Be careful with accessories, « too much » is quickly reached
  • Match the color of your shoes to your belt, unless your shoes are white
  • Do not wear clothes that are too dark if your skin is very pale
  • Men who are less than 6 feet tall should read our helpful informations in the « increasing height » article mentioned above

You should notice that sometimes, a look that talks to women’s collective unconsciousness like Christian Grey (a highly successful businessman), a Latino dancer etc. can make things easier for a woman to quickly pick interest in yourself if you’re her type as she can quicky identify you.

Other tips


Physical attractiveness is obviously not everything, especially for a long-term relationship. A woman may give a man who is not 100% her physical preference a chance if he has other highly desirable assets.

Moneymaxxing and statusmaxxing

Everyone has seen in the media or even in real life an ugly rich old man with a sexy young woman. You could call them gold diggers. However, hypergamy is a trend among many attractive women and men with high status can be much more successful in their romantic relationships than others.

This is why good education and/or an entrepreneurial mindset can lead to high incomes. Some MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) guys usually focus on their skills and passions, sometimes even monetizing them. Ironically (or logically), they more or less start to attract more women as they gain status.

But you don’t necessarily have to be a millionaire to impress women. You can totally live a happy life in some third world countries where it’s easier to have a higher status than the average man there and local women will notice that. Thailand or Philippines are good examples if you like the Asian type.

Social skills

Solve your shyness problem so go to some talk group if necessary, cognitive behavioral therapy, do everything you can to increase and improve your social interactions. Having experience naturally makes you know more about how to be confident.

Body language

What is more attractive to a woman: a proud man that stands up straight and seems open-minded or a shapeless man that seems closed? Yes, body language tells a lot about you before you open your mouth.

You get the idea: shoulders back, keep your chin up, more talking with hands and you can appear more confident. A great quality for a man.

Deep voice

Adding a little bass to your voice will help you sound manlier. No wonder why Barry White’s voice has a special effect on women.


The benefits of totally stopping masturbation may be overstated. While it’s true that some may experience a boost in energy and briefly a peak in testosterone. We recommend the middle way.

Looksmaxing – examples

neil strauss

Check out the author Neil Strauss before and after.

What can you see? His previous nerd look was not very appealing. Yet he became stylish and charismatic with his transformation, a true womanizer: he shaved his head to say goodbye to visible alopecia, got a better tan skin and adopted a rockstar look without being too eccentric.

This old Spanish homeless man becomes fashionable:

He probably had nice facial features when he was young. However, hard life on the streets and age have given him a tired, old man look.

No problem. Some preppy clothes, a dyed fashionable beard, a stylish haircut and he gained a great physical appeal. Notice that since he was quite skinny before the change, it’s now a great asset to make him look younger and more attractive!

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